VRmaze sim: an operating solution for Cave systems and simulation

Cireve‘s Cave


The operation of an immersive room (CAVE) requires specific knowledge in computer science (network, 3D computer graphics, concept of real time, programming …) that is difficult to have whatever the fields likely to use such equipment. The end users are experts in their fields and do not have to become virtual reality experts.

Without competent and consistent human resources, getting the most out of the hardware of an immersive room is a very difficult task.

INMIND-VR answers this problem. The solution, VRMAZE SIM, allows the visualization of business models without in-depth skills in virtual reality or programming, allowing the user to remain focused on his field of expertise while exploiting the maximum capabilities of his Cave.

University of Normandy’s Cave (https://Cireve.unicaen.fr)

VRmaze SIM solution

#1 Design

Import 3D Virtual environments into your Cave

#2 Exploit

Exploit them in few clicks without any application rebuild

#1 Design

Cireve’s cave – Unicaen

  • 2 protocol trees available : CAVE and CAVE VIZ
  • Visual design of the projection system
  • OBJ format support
  • Support for UNITY 3D asset bundles
  • Support for UNITY REFLECT (via UNITY PRO) with metadata integration
  • Integration of business tools by configurable panels
  • Synchronization of 3D objects
  • No programming required for easy use
  • No recompilation required for each modification
  • Extension of business functionalities by plugins

#2 Exploit

Cireve’s Cave in treadmill setup – Unicaen

  • Launching the hardware system in one click
  • Launching the scenarios in one click
  • Distributed multi-channel rendering
  • Low latency
  • Internal management of the slave cluster
  • Internal management of the projection system (BArco – Christie)
  • VRPN protocol support
  • Sony VISCA protocol support
  • VICON NEXUS software recording control
  • Motek Grail treadmill support (via DFLOW)
  • Support for UART devices (COM and COM VIrtual ports)
  • Extension of commands by XML editing- DAEMON ESCLAVE configurable by XML EDIT
  • Execution of third party pre/post launch applications
  • Real time data sending for external acquisition system (Possibility of multi-channel analog conversion using conversion box)


VRmaze Sim ensures a fast and qualitative visual production chain. The immersive room is a tool that must bring a real benefit to its user, and this, at all levels, from the design to the communication of the project. In this sense, Inmind-VR proposes a software tool that requires neither programming nor application recompilation for a simple use and a fast production.

VRMAZE SIM integrates a complete control of the hardware system (projector/computing cluster/tracking/video camera) with a one-click management of the whole and an extension of the functionalities by simple XML edition.

The Standalone operating principle ensures security of sensitive data, and does not require any Internet connection whatsoever, which makes the VRMAZE SIM solution compatible with many areas of application: BIM, industry, defense or simulators … you keep full ownership of your data without transfer to the Internet.

The functionalities integrated in VRMAZE sim can be extended via a system of C# plugins. In complex applications, INMIND-VR offers a set of professional services, allowing a quick and consistent response to your specific needs.

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